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Coalition Holiday Party, Sat. Dec.15, 2012


Silicon Valley United Nations Association  has joined a Coalition of OWL (Older Women's League) and WILPF (Women's International League for Peace & Freedom). Coalition Meetings take place quarterly.  

EVENT: Sat. Dec. 15, 10 am-noon. Come celebrate the holidays with a Potluck program featuring "Interactive Sharing." What's REALLY important to you? To what do you attribute your longevity? How do you interpret the elections?  Raging Grannies sing-a-long.

USA Elections 2012 - Dare to Vote, Care to Vote

I've cast my absentee ballot this week. It's a privilege I don't take for granted as a lifetime member of, founded in 1915 by women suffragettes.
A strong, successful nation and global leader depends upon informed and concerned citizens. Please take the time to vote for the issues and candidates you care about this election year.
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